Selling native ads without selling out readers is hard

I gave an interview for an article about native advertising last week. Since it's behind a registration wall -- the content is free; you just need to give up your email address (which you totally should if you work in publishing) -- here's what I said:

Andrew Graham, co-founder of Clear, explains, "The objective of native content is to own the area where what's newsworthy overlaps with what advances the sponsor's business interest. In recent decades, the ad business has focused on persuasion, and journalism has always been about publishing the truth as it presents itself. For native advertising to work in news outlets, it has to resemble real news. So one definitive element has to be articulating traditional news values in a way that conveniently benefits the sponsor in some tangible way."

The not-so-surprising consensus among all the industry experts interviewed: Selling native ads without selling out readers is hard. 

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-- Andrew Graham