Welcome to Clear.

With shrinking budgets and increasingly digital properties, it's never been a more stressful time to work as a journalist. Meanwhile, the sheer number of "public relations" folks is skyrocketing. And yet, there's a disconnect for clients: It's never been more important to understand media structurally, but PR programs have become sequestered from other areas that impact an organization’s media profile. We have launched Clear with a new principle: Media is anything people can read, hear or see. It's all around us.

People want information. Reporters don't want to be pitched, and consumers don't want to be sold. They want to know why a product is the best, why a person is the most qualified, or why a company deserves trust.

As co-founders of Clear, Andrew and I have set out to navigate this new paradigm. We structurally understand what media is and how clients can use it as a set of tools to inform customers, stakeholders, reporters and the public at large.

The choice is Clear. #AgencyClear