This isn’t what we do

The San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting take on what PR firms do for tech companies. And by “interesting,” I mean “wrong.” In a look at what spending on PR firms might signal about the tech industry’s health, Caleb Garling writes:

While advertising firms go straight at consumers with messaging, public relations firms work doggedly behind the scenes to persuade journalists to write about their clients in a favorable light.

I won’t speak for every agency, but here at Clear, we don’t do that. Trying to convince a journalist to do something they don’t want to do is a fool’s errand. Based on my (limited) experience in working projects that push out email meant to convince reporters to write about some particular angle, product, or theme, the surest thing this approach does is give reporters a reason to ignore you forever.

Instead, we traffic in facts and opinions presented clearly and consistently. Journalists want information they don’t already have and perspectives they haven’t already heard about things their audiences don’t already know. If there’s ever a need to do much persuading, it signals to me that we aren’t doing our job well.

So we don’t create pitches. We create news. (h/t PRNewser.)