Advocating for a New Way to Resolve Conflicts

One thing Jeremy and I believe in is consistently taking on new, challenging subjects in the work our agency does.

We’ve become true experts in some industries that are undergoing significant changes, like advertising technology and financial services, and we’re consistently offering clients new services that address real barriers their businesses are facing. But not every problem worth solving resides in the business sector.

With that in mind, I’m thrilled to say Clear is providing pro-bono communications representation to Ayeish, a new nonprofit that specializes in mediation and conflict resolution. 

Ayeish’s mandate is important: It aims to deepen the ability of political leaders to transform a conflict into a solution by using empathy, the alternatives to which may be easier for leaders to use as a quick fix but ultimately detrimental to their stakeholders’ interests.

Domestically, this is a new, edgy approach to endorse. Working to rebrand the benefits of negotiation over obstructionism and coercion will be tremendously challenging, especially leading up to the 2016 presidential election and its associated noise. But it’s important work: Negotiating is fast and cheap, and the legislative and political community should be asking for more of it. 

Ayeish has truly compelling projects coming up that reach across domestic policy and global affairs, and our mandate is to support efforts to clarify and publicize the organization’s statement of its mission and to generate attention for the work it is doing with partners. 

Leah Wolfthal, the founder of Ayeish, has a unique vision for the organization and the background necessary to take it in the right direction, and we look forward to doing everything we can to help advance the organization.

Andrew Graham