Our new ad tech advisory service, Clear: CMO

Since Clear’s founding two years ago, we’ve helped a portfolio of ad tech companies position their products and services well and make news. We’ve done this by putting in the time and effort required to truly understand what their technologies do, free from any spin or other bullshit. 

Now, we’re using the knowledge we’ve accumulated in that space to establish a new ad tech advisory service called Clear: CMO.

Created for business-to-business organizations, Clear: CMO provides to clients independent, unbiased expertise on the many fast-emerging digital advertising techniques and technologies that exist today. 

Right now, most consumer companies use multiple vendors, third-party analytics, and programmatic platforms in their advertising and marketing, and the benefits they receive from doing so include lower cost, better measurability, and deeper targeting. We want B2B companies to adopt similar techniques because they can produce similar benefits.

In my experience, marketing teams at B2B companies are effective at presenting information and telling stories in ways that find the right prospects and convert them into customers. They’re set on the messages. But many focus less on optimizing the channels that deliver that information and those stories to prospects. 

The channels are crucial because the messages are dead on arrival if the channels aren’t right. The digital environment is crowded and saturated. It’s tough to make information and stories stand out. People don’t like to be marketed to.

Furthermore, first-movers don’t get a sustained advantage with paid media simply because they’re first. Competitors can mimic the strategies of their better-marketed peers by paying a little bit more for the eyeballs. Always being ahead means having a strategy that evolves with the technology. 

The ad tech ecosystem drives those channels, and most B2B companies are not taking full advantage of its power. More user-specific information is up for sale than ever before, and buying inventory takes place on a true market. Targeting at an extremely granular level is possible, and it’s cheaper than practically every other option.

Through Clear: CMO, we’ll focus on fully understanding the channels so that in-house marketers can continue to focus on the messages. To maintain our objectivity, we’ll no longer be taking on ad tech vendors as PR clients. 

Clear’s mandate is to help clients use all media -- earned media, owned media, and paid media -- strategically, cohesively, and effectively, and the establishment of Clear: CMO is our next step in executing that mandate. 

-- Andrew Graham