Introducing Rivet.

Rivet is a new journalist targeting service from Clear that makes do-it-yourself media relations easier than ever.

Good journalists only want one thing: information they don’t already have about stuff their readers don’t already know. They don’t care how it arrives at their inbox; only that it’s credible and accurate. 

Rivet is a bespoke media contact list that start-up entrepreneurs and small-business owners can use to contact media when they think they can do it themselves, without ideas and action from an agency partner. If you're going to do it yourself, Rivet will help you approach the right people. 

Rivet customers tell us what they want to pitch, and we tell them the ten journalists they should be talking to, right now, by digging deeply into who is most likely to legitimately benefit from what they have to say. 

Rivet minimizes the risk of an entrepreneur or small-business owner damaging their reputation and business by sending out material that journalists label intrusive spam, which happens way more often than it should. Rivet includes everything one would need to know to approach a journalist.

Obviously, journalist targeting is something we do for all of our clients. But because we’re seeing growth in do-it-yourself media relations, we are now selling journalist targeting as a stand-alone service separate from everything else we do. 

More information available at or on a downloadable .pdf.

-- Andrew Graham