Clear NewsMAker: An on-demand, custom manual for media relations

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At Clear, we're exclusively focused on delivering value to clients however we can. Usually, that involves closely collaborating with their management teams or communications departments, developing sound strategies and executing tactics well.

But sometimes, all a company needs is basic information that lays out what they should do and a nudge in the right direction, particularly when the objective is achieving quick media coverage.


That's Newsmaker: our on-demand service that gives executives, communications teams, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who has a story to tell everything they need to say the right things to the right journalists at the right time.

It's a simple concept. You tell us what you want to push -- hard news, a strong opinion, predictions, commentary on recent events, or anything in between. Within 48 hours, we'll send you a fully customized list of the best reporters and editors to approach, with detailed notes on how to approach each of them. Then, we get out of the way and let you do the talking.

This approach has four benefits:

  • Expertise: Our people are experts who have strong track records of media engagement. We know which reporters will be most receptive to what information, and we can confidently and succinctly describe methods that work to those who don't have our training and experience. All of our lists and advice are customized for each user.

  • Speed: Our on-demand model eliminates the need to negotiate a contract or squabble over terms. Just fill out our website form and pay the fee, and we'll have what we need to get to work, with a two-day turnaround.

  • Authenticity: Reporters love hearing directly from sources, not PR people who can't speak on the record and don't have much more to offer than carefully calibrated pitch letters. By using us to customize the audience and share leading practices but putting the pitch into your own words, you're making sure it's authentic.

  • Risk reduction: Many agencies want to lock clients in to long contracts and spend weeks getting "up to speed" before doing much of anything. But those agencies can't truly help people who want to get something out to the market next week or who don't want to outsource the job.

Still not sold? Listen to Eminem’s classic “Lose Yourself” for some inspiration. Now, how will you tell your story?